Greer CPW has been providing drinking water to the citizens of Greer since 1913. In 1928, a water filter plant was built on Duke Street and soon thereafter a raw-water pump station was constructed on the South Tyger River. In 1957, the Lake Cunningham Reservoir was constructed at Highway 14 and River Rd. In 1971, an 8 million gallon-per-day Water Filter Plant was constructed on River Rd., adjacent to the lake. A backup reservoir, Lake Robinson, was completed in 1984, and in 1992, the Water Filter Plant capacity was expanded to treat up to 16 million gallons per day. To meet the increased demand for water, Greer CPW upgraded the plant to 24 MGD capacity in 2004.

Water arrives at homes and businesses through the distribution system, which is a network of pipes, valves, fire hydrants, and storage tanks. Greer CPW has approximately 400 miles of water mains. Greer CPW has six storage tanks throughout the distribution system to maintain pressure and meet peak water demands. Lake Cunningham and Lake Robinson are the sources of water for Greer CPW customers.

Service Area

The City of Greer, with northern boundaries that follow Highway 14 to the Water Filter Plant, continuing on Memorial Drive Extension to Valley Haven, then on Highway 101 to North Rutherford Road and Highway 290 to St. Mark Road; southern boundaries stretching down Highway 101 to Robinson Road, south of I-85 to Abner Creek and along Highway 14 to the Enoree River; eastern boundaries that follow the Enoree River on Highway 29. Water is also available southeast of the city down Brockman-McClimon Road to Abner Creek, and west along Abner Creek Road to Highway 14 South. Greer CPW manages approximately 17,700 water meters within this service area.

2015 Water Quality Report

El Informe Anual de Calidad de Agua Potable