Lake Robinson

Greer CPW and the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources have worked very hard over the years to redefine Lake Robinson to create an environment designed for and to attract wildlife.

One component to the design of the Lake Robinson habitat was the Carolina Fence built surrounding the lake. The fence uses basic elements, both cultural and natural, that have been designated as a symbol of our state. The concept involves a split rail fence as the primary structure supporting Carolina Jessamine vines. This evergreen vine, indigenous throughout South Carolina and the state flower, has long been celebrated for its vibrant yellow flowers in March. In addition, the fragrant flowers are a first annual source of nectar to many native insects.

Also, several wren houses have been built by local Boy Scout and Girl Scout volunteers, were mounted on the fence posts. Not only is the Carolina wren the state bird, they are important to attract and conserve since they sing year-round. Carolina wrens do not leave for the winter so Greer CPW employees and visitors can enjoy their music even in the winter.

The finishing touch to the Carolina Fence was a block of Carolina blue granite. In 1969, blue granite was recognized as the official stone of South Carolina through an Act of the General Assembly. The Act noted “the blue granite stone of this state has been widely used to beautify all areas of South Carolina.” To learn more about Lake Robinson, visit us at


REMINDER: Recently, we’ve had several folks attempt to use paddle boards on the Lake. We would like to remind folks that paddle boards are prohibited. Thank you for your cooperation and help.

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