When winter weather approaches, we want our customers to be prepared. Greer CPW has a proactive tree-trimming program, and that means we have high power reliability--even in times of winter weather events. 

We have a few suggestions for you as winter weather approaches. 

  • In the event of an outage, call us at 864.848.5500.
  • Have an outage plan.
    • Prepare an outage kit to include flashlights, batteries, water, non-refrigerated food, and your necessary medicines.
  • Do not approach downed power lines.
  • Be careful with portable heaters and generators.
    • Follow ALL manufacturers safety guidelines for portable heaters and generators.
  • Use only approved heat sources.
    • Never use your gas oven, range, stove or outdoor barbecue to heat your home.
  • Be careful with open flames.
    • Candles can cause major damage if left unattended, so do not forget about them once lit.
  • Stay alert and informed.
    • Stay tuned to local weather reports for updates.
    • Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates.  

Important information about property owner responsibility

CPW is responsible for maintaining all powerlines up to connection to the home or building. Any damage past that point is the responsibility of the homeowner to repair. This includes a meter base separating from the home due to fallen trees or other damage.

In the event of such damage, CPW will not hook the meter or other wires back up to your home. You must have an electrician repair it, and you also must have an inspection certification from the City. Once the inspection is verified, CPW will turn the power back on to your home. 

To contact the City of Greer building codes office, call 864.848.2175








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