Greer CPW is committed to protecting the environment, and our employees understand and comply with our environmental policies.

  • In conducting our operations, we will maintain compliance with both the letter and spirit of environmental protection laws and our own procedures.
  • We will demonstrate environmental leadership by pursuing economically, socially and environmentally sustainable initiatives that protect the environment and that are consistent with our corporate vision.
  • We will establish specific objectives and measurable targets that promote continuous environmental improvement, and publicly report our environmental performance.
  • We will practice environmental stewardship by eliminating or reducing environmental impacts resulting from our operational activities.

Protecting Our Water Quality

At Greer CPW, we have a strict standard set for all of our utilities. This is also true of our water systems. We preserve our water quality by limiting the activities allowed on our watersheds.

Minimizing Waste

Greer CPW seeks to prevent or minimize wastes generated from company activities, in balance with our regulatory requirements and our goals for environmental stewardship. Our Water Treatment and Wastewater Treatment are conducted in a manner that is environmentally safe and meets federal and state standards. If a waste cannot be eliminated from a process, it is disposed of in a way that minimizes present and future impacts to the environment and human health.

Nuclear Energy – The “Green” Energy

Greer CPW utilizes nuclear energy for a safer environment.

Nuclear energy is America’s largest source of clean-air, carbon-free electricity, producing no greenhouse gases or air pollutants. The industry’s commitment to the environment extends to protecting wildlife and their habitats.

Nuclear power plants do not emit criteria pollutants or greenhouse gases when they generate electricity. The life-cycle emissions from nuclear energy are comparable to other non-emitting sources of electricity like wind, solar and hydropower.

Nuclear energy has one of the lowest impacts on the environment of any energy source because it does not emit air pollution, isolates its waste from the environment and requires a relatively small amount of land.

Protecting our Sewers and Waterbodies

CPW has an extensive program to minimize sewer overflows that may harm our rivers and lakes. We also work to reduce non-flushables in the water, which could harm the sewer system and your internal plumbing. For information, check our sewer protection page


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