Why is the power in the neighborhood around the block restored and not mine?

We repair the backbone of our electricity system- transmission lines and substations—that bring electricity to the local distribution system that serves our customers. We then make necessary repairs to the distribution system that includes power poles and power lines along streets and roads, focusing first on those circuits where we can restore power to the largest number of customers. As part of this process, we take into account the needs of hospitals, nursing homes, fire and police stations, as well as any other critical infrastructure.

What causes outages?

Although we are committed to providing you the most reliable electric possible, 24 hours a day, every day, events that are out of our control sometimes occur. Car accidents, lightening, squirrels, high winds and winter storms are just a few examples. Whatever its cause, we do our best to restore power as quickly as possible.

Why can’t the customer service rep tell me exactly when my power will be restored?

Widespread damage from a severe storm may make it impossible to accurately predict when a particular customer’s power will be restored- especially in the early phases of an outage, while the extent of damage is being assessed. Once the extent of the damage is known, CPW gives first priority to high voltage transmission lines because they supply electricity to the entire distribution system. Substations are repaired next to energize local distribution lines. A distribution line serving a local area may have multiple damage locations, all of which much be found and repaired. All these factors affect our ability to predict when a specific customer’s power will be restored.

Am I being charged for electricity during a power outage?

You are only charged for the amount of electricity you use. During the time your service was interrupted, your meter did not register electric usage and you will not be charged for consumption.

How long will my food in the refrigerator last without power?

We recommend leaving the refrigerator door shut and limit the amount of times you open it. Cold will stay fresh for about 4 hours without power. We unfortunately are not able to reimburse customers for spoiled food.


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