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New Portal Registration

Greer CPW is updating our web portal to provide our customers a better and more secure way to manage their accounts. This updated portal will allow customers to access their accounts in our current billing system as well as the new PayGo system when they have been converted. When accounts are converted to PayGo, existing payment methods will be converted as well.

We encourage all customers to register for the new portal as soon as possible. Once you are converted to PayGo, your existing account will be automatically redirected to the new portal.

Click the link below to register for the new portal:

New Portal

To continue on to the existing account portal, click the link below:

Existing Portal

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Still have questions? Visit our FAQ page or contact us for further assistance. Our team looks forward to serving you!

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Make sure your phone number is up to date! Occasionally we need to call customers for boil water advisories, planned power outages or gas leaks. Please log into your Customer Service Portal and choose the “notification” tab. This number must be able to answer calls and cannot be to a dial by directory.Learn More