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Greer CPW works hard to make sure you receive high-quality drinking water. Our team maintains two lakes: Robinson and Cunningham. The lakes are fed by the South Tyger River and are meticulously cared for to ensure they remain pristine sources of drinking water.

Our water treatment plant is adjacent to Lake Cunningham. There, our staff of water treatment professionals filter and disinfect the water to be distributed to our customers.

We have approximately 400 miles of waterlines and six storage tanks throughout the distribution system to maintain pressure and meet peak water demands. The system delivers high-quality drinking water to our 23,600 customers.

Our water system consistently meets or exceeds drinking water standards. Each day, our professional team carefully monitors the system – from raw water to tap – to ensure that the service we provide enhances a healthy quality of life.

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Service Area

We manage more than 23,500 water meters within our service area in the City of Greer and beyond, including:

  • Northern boundaries that follow Highway 14 to the Water Treatment Plant, continuing on Memorial Drive Extension to Valley Haven, then on Highway 101 to North Rutherford Road and Highway 290 to St. Mark Road
  • Southern boundaries stretching down Highway 101 to Robinson Road, south of I-85 to Abner Creek and along Highway 14 to the Enoree River
  • Eastern boundaries that follow the Enoree River on Highway 29.
    Southeast of the city down Brockman-McClimon Road to Abner Creek, and west along Abner Creek Road to Highway 14 South
Water Service Area Map

Water Quality Reports

Each year, we prepare a water quality report, detailing what was in our water and how we met or exceeded standards. These are available in both English and Spanish.

2023 Water Quality ReportInforme de Confianza del Consumidor 2023

News & Resources

Explore our water news below to learn about upcoming projects, awards and tips to save and get the most of your Greer CPW water service.


Meter Upgrade FAQs

March 2, 2023

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