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Greer CPW began natural gas operations in the 1950s with seven district regulators and one city gate. Today, we have two main gates, 110 distribution regulator stations and more than 780 miles of natural gas pipeline that deliver natural gas to 30,900 customers in the City of Greer and surrounding areas.

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Service Area

Greer CPW primarily serves customers in the City of Greer. However, our service area’s boundaries extend in the following directions:

  • Northern boundaries extend to the City of Landrum near the North Carolina border, north on Highway 290 to Tigerville Road and along Highway 14 North to Highway 11 in the Gowensville community.
  • Southern boundaries extend to the area known as Crescent near the town of Woodruff.
  • Eastern boundaries extend to Wellford.
  • Western boundaries extend to the Enoree River, including the Taylors area.
Natural Gas Service Area Map

Natural Gas Rates

Natural gas prices are determined by trading on the open market, much like the stock market, so the price may vary from CPW’s base price. Rates may change monthly. Rates shown are current only as of the posting date on the attached PDF document.

The listed rates are for typical accounts in typical locations and are posted here for informational purposes only. Actual rates for a specific account location may be different. Select a rate sheet below to learn more.

Gas Leak Safety

In Case of Emergency

  • If you smell gas and cannot immediately find the source, go outside and call Greer CPW from your cell phone at (864) 848-5500.
  • Do not use a telephone or flashlight, switch a light on or off or light a match if you smell gas.
  • Don’t try to relight a gas furnace, water heater or range until you are sure there is no more smell of gas.
  • Get immediate medical attention for victims of burns or carbon monoxide poisoning.

Natural Gas Safety Rules

  • Follow manufacturers’ instructions with all gas appliances.
  • Have your gas appliances installed, serviced and repaired by professionals.
  • Keep chimney flues and vents for appliances clean and in good repair.
  • Keep areas around your gas water heater and furnace clean.
  • Teach small children to stay away from gas appliances.
  • Teach family members what to do if they smell gas.

News & Resources

Explore our natural gas news below to learn about upcoming projects, awards and tips to save and get the most of your Greer CPW natural gas service.


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