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Greer CPW takes great pride in its employees. These employees are the living safety program of our company. Without their effort, our safety program and safety record would not exist.

At Greer CPW, our employees are issued their own personal safety manual relating to their various departments. We also comply with all local, state and federal safety regulations. Employees attend monthly safety meetings and specialized department meetings throughout the year. We also have a safety committee that is made up of representatives from all of the company departments. Greer CPW’s safety coordinator conducts safety inspections in the field as well as in the office.

We are proud of our safety record and seek to maintain the best Safety Program in the Upstate. At Greer CPW, our safety philosophy is simple -“Don’t Get Hurt!”

Customer Safety

In the same vein, Greer CPW is committed to ensuring customer safety. Certain aspects of utilities—like electricity and natural gas—can be inherently dangerous. We aim to educate customers on basic principles like how to safely operate appliances, precautionary measures, and what to do in case of an emergency.

We encourage customers to explore the safety resources below, as well as our blog, for more information on utility safety.

Excavation Safety (National)

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Excavation Safety (Local)

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Pipeline Safety

SC Office of Regulatory Staff

Safety News & Resources


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