We have several options to pay your bill.

Pay Your Bill Online

Greer CPW offers online billing information for all accounts. Customers may review current bills, pay the amount due, schedule an upcoming payment, view historical bills, and even view bar graphs comparing utility costs for the past 12 months. First-time users will need their Greer CPW account number and the last four digits of the Social Security number used to establish service. Once you have been authenticated, you will be prompted to create a username and password.

Once you’ve entered the system, you will see your current billing information, including total amount due at this time. Each of the utilities will be listed along with the most current meter reading.

Billing/payment history – You may review billing and payment history by clicking on “Display Account History.” Bar graphs can be found at the bottom of the history page.

Technical difficulties – On rare occasions, our Customer Web portal may be temporarily unavailable due to system maintenance. Please check back at another time to review your account. If you have a question about any of the information on your bill, please call one of our customer service representatives at 864.848.5500.

Click here to log on to the billing information pages or pay your bill online.

NOTICE: If the account has been disconnected for non-payment and payment is made after hours by phone or on our web site, you will need to call 864.848.5500 on the next business day to schedule a reconnect.  Reconnects will not be made after 5 pm. 

  1. Mail your payment along with the payment coupon in the envelope provided with the bill. Be sure to apply proper postage. Mail with sufficient time to reach us before the penalty due date.
  2. Customer Service personnel will accept your payment from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays, excluding holidays, at our Customer Service Center located at 301 McCall Street near Downtown Greer. A Payment Drop Box is located outside the building near the drive-thru window. If you do not wish to speak with a Customer Service Representative or if you do not wish to come inside, you may go to our drive-through.
  3. Automatic Bank Drafts offers a convenient way to pay your utility bill without having to write a check. Simply complete the form and return it along with a voided check or credit card information.
  4. Visa, Discover, and MasterCard are accepted for payments either in person, over the phone or on our website.
  5. 24 Hour Payment Drop is an easy way for customers to pay their bill if they cannot come by during business hours. Follow the sign to the drive-through and look for our after-hours drop box.

Residential Bank Draft Program

Greer CPW’s Bank Draft Program is a convenient way of paying your utility bill each month. You can reduce check writing, save on postage and reclaim your valuable time.

To be eligible for this program, customers must have a good payment history and use a financial institution in the United States. Enroll in the Bank Draft Program by completing the authorization agreement.

Download the Authorization Agreement

If you are drafting a checking account, attach your check with the word “VOID” written across it, and return the check and agreement to: Greer CPW, Customer Service Center, P. O. Box 216, Greer, SC 29652. If you are drafting a savings account, attach your deposit slip with the word “VOID” written across it, and return the deposit slip and agreement to: Greer CPW, Customer Service Center, P. O. Box 216, Greer, SC 29652.

In subsequent months, you will receive a utility bill that will state “Your Account” will automatically be drafted on the due date and will show when and exactly how much your account will be drafted. Any adjustments or credits to a bill will be reflected on the following month’s bill.

If you discontinue your service with Greer CPW, the final bill will be drafted unless you inform us not to draft the final payment.

Payment Assistance

At Greer CPW, our customers come first. We realize that from time to time, you may not be able to pay for your utility services in a timely manner. If a difficult situation arises, please call us first. We have staff that is dedicated to helping you through financial emergencies. Please call 864.848.5500 during regular business hours.

In addition, there may be help available during certain times of the year for those who may be unable to pay. Contact: 

Greer Relief and Resources Agency, Inc. 
202 Victoria Street 

P.O. Box 1303
Greer, SC 29652-1303
Phone 864.848.5355
email: info@GreerRelief.org

Caring People Working Together

Help For Residents At Risk For Disconnection

Greer CPW is concerned about our elderly, disabled or severely dependent customers where the loss of service could cause a potential life-threatening situation. Therefore, we have established a program where, if Greer CPW is unable to contact the customer directly, we will contact a friend or relative if a customer’s utility bill inadvertently goes past due. This program provides an additional level of safety from disconnection for those who may have forgotten to mail in a payment. The third party contact would not be responsible for the bill, just asked to contact the customer as a reminder. For more information or to sign up, please call 864.848.5500 and talk to one of our Customer Service Professionals.

Equal Payment Plan

Greer CPW offers an Equal Payment Plan, in which the customer pays a fixed amount on the utility bill for an eleven (11) month period. The amount is based on the customer’s actual usage for the most recent twelve (12) months of service. The balance due, if any, is to be paid on the 12th month (which is referred to as “the settle-up month”). This is a program designed to average the monthly bill amounts to assist customers with budgeting.

       To qualify accounts must:

  • Have services other than Water Only Service
  • Have at least a twelve (12) month payment history
  • Have zero account balance
  • Maintain a “good” payment history
  • Not have been removed from the EPP program within the last twelve (12) months
  • Pay every month prior to the settle-up month, even if actual account balance is a credit amount
  • Complete Equal Payment Plan Form.
  • For more information about the Equal Payment Plan, call one of our customer service representatives at 864.848.5500.


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