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What is PayGo?

PayGo is the new customer service and billing software for Greer CPW. The PayGo program will be the new customer service portal and allow customers with Advanced Meters to have never before seen access to their own hourly consumption data.


Why are we making these changes?

Greer CPW has used the same software system since the 1980s.  The system is outdated and will allow us to streamline our processes and provide a much better customer service experience.


I currently pay my CPW bill through my banking establishment.  Are there any changes that I need to do? 

If you have scheduled payments with your bank you will want to go and update your account information to your NEW PayGo account number. If you have a payment that already went through it will still be applied to your account, however it may take more time to post than usual because it is not directed to the appropriate account number.


What happens if I have multiple accounts with Greer CPW?  How will the changeover to PayGo work?

Once you set up your new username and password in PayGo, you’ll have the option to add other accounts.  You’ll be able to manage all accounts under one username as you previously have.


Do you have step by step instructions on how to set up a PayGo account?

Yes. Click this link to learn more.


Will my due date be changing?

No.  Your due date will remain the same.


Will my bank statement look any different than before?

Your bank statement will show “Pay*GreerCPW”.


Do I have to participate in PayGo?

Yes.  If you currently pay your bill online using the old program, there will be a point where  your account will be transferred to PayGo.  Once you set up your new username and password in PayGo, this will be the program you use from now on.


What if I have a scheduled payment in the old program?

You’ll need to log into PayGo and confirm your scheduled payments with your new account number.


What other changes are coming?

In the future, the bill design will look different with a reduced paper size, easier to understand utility usage information and the ability for you to pay your bill through CheckOut – a process that will allow customers to pay their bill at certain retail locations.


Is my financial information safe?

Yes.   These changes will eliminate Greer CPW handling a paper trail of financial information and requires the customer to handle bank account information directly with our new payment processor.


What is the difference between AutoPay and scheduling a onetime payment?

AutoPay is a convenient option that ensures your bill will be paid on its due date to avoid late fees or disconnection.  Once you enter your payment information, whether it’s a credit card or bank account, and select the AutoPay option, funds will be electronically transferred each month to pay your bill.

Scheduling a payment requires the customer to manually select the date to have funds taken out to pay your bill.  You can still use a credit card or transfer funds from a bank account however the customer has to log into their Greer CPW account and choose the date each month.


Will I be charged a surcharge or fee if I pay by credit card?

No.  Greer CPW does not charge additional fees or a surcharge if you pay by credit card.


How will this work if I am on an Equal Payment Plan (EPP)?

AutoPay only charges the EPP amount each month.  You’ll still need to update your banking or credit card information on the Customer Service Portal at if you want to use AutoPay to pay your bill each month.


Make sure your phone number is up to date! Occasionally we need to call customers for boil water advisories, planned power outages or gas leaks. Please log into your Customer Service Portal and choose the “notification” tab. This number must be able to answer calls and cannot be to a dial by directory.Learn More