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Greer CPW is wanting to prepare natural gas customers that they should plan for higher than normal utility bills this winter due to the increase in market prices. Energy demand is simply growing faster than production following the coronavirus pandemic.

Greer CPW is encouraging customers to take advantage of programs that are in place to help with these increases, such as our Equal Payment Plan and Utility Assistance Programs listed below. We also encourage customers to visit our website and take advantage of the energy saving tips. Below are a few simple tips to help keep bills lower.

• Check for leaks around windows, doors, and other openings to the outside, seal these leaks with caulk or weather-strip.
• Installing a programmable thermostat will reduce your energy use while you are asleep or away.
• Wrap water heaters with proper insulating jackets and set the temperature to 120 F or lower.

Possible Questions Related to Rising Natural Gas Market Prices

Are you raising the base gas charges in 2022? No.

How can I save money on my bill? Tips to save money can be found on our

I’m having trouble paying my utility bill on time, what should I do? Greer CPW works with Greer Relief to match donations up to $25,000 under the Caring People Working Together program. If you qualify, you could receive assistance paying your utility bill through Greer Relief. Please call Greer Relief with questions. (864) 848-5355. There may also be assistance in Spartanburg County through GLEAMS at 864-707-5029 or S.H.A.R.E at 864-269-0700.

What other assistance is available for paying my bill? We have an equal payment plan where customers pay a fixed amount on their utility bill for an 11-month period. To learn more about the program, customers should call customer service at 864- 848-5500.

How will natural gas market prices impact electric customers this winter? While customers may see an increase in electric consumption due to colder weather, electric rates or fees will not change.

Greer CPW's lobby and drive thru will be closed Sept. 29 - Oct. 2 due to the migration of our billing software and customer service portal – PayGo. We will also not be able to accept over the phone or auto draft payments during this time. Any customer scheduled for auto draft will be processed the next business day. Please follow any instructions you receive by text or email to set up your new portal in PayGo. Our afterhours call center will still accept calls for emergencies only at 864-848-5500.Learn More