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Greer CPW is in the process of upgrading its electric, natural gas and water meters in the service territory. The meter upgrade will improve billing accuracy and will provide customers an online portal to get near real-time information about their utility usage.


How is Greer CPW paying for this project?

We are paying for the project using money from a restricted account Greer CPW created more than five years ago.  This project is funded and will not require any rate increases for customers.


What is the timeline for these meter changeouts?

The project could take 18-24 months to complete however on the day your home or business is scheduled for a meter changeout, in most cases, the process should take less than 30 minutes.


How will you determine who will receive the meters first?

We plan to begin with new construction, neighborhoods and buildings that do not have an electric, natural gas or water meter set up yet.  It will also depend on which meters are in stock due to supply chain delays.


How is this meter different than I have now?

Advanced metering gives the customer near real-time data on how you (the customer) are using each utility. These meters are different from traditional meters because there is a wireless module installed in the meter that allows for two-way wireless communication between the meter and the utility. Currently, customers receive a bill after their billing cycle with a lump sum of utility usage but no breakdown or hourly information.  Following the meter changeout, customers will be able to see graphs that track their usage in dollars and consumption.


What are the benefits to these meters?

Currently, when there is an electrical outage, customers must alert Greer CPW by either calling customer service or reporting the outage online.  In the future, Greer CPW will be alerted immediately of outages allowing for faster restoration times.

Since early 2022, several homes and businesses have received these water meters as part of our test phase.  We have detected multiple leaks on the customers side and have notified them of issues – helping to save the customer money on their bills.

This technology can reduce meter-reading costs and will provide a safer experience for meter technicians.  Currently technicians drive through neighborhoods to collect data from the meters or may get out of their vehicles to read a meter.  Animals, road hazards and vehicles make their job very dangerous.


Will installing new meters make my utility bill go up?

No. These meters track consumption in the same manner as conventional meters.  With the new ability to track usage patterns, some customers may see a decrease in their monthly charges because they have a better understanding of how usage impacts their bill.


How accurate are these meters?

Not only are the new meters extremely accurate but it allows customers to see near real-time information.  Once installed, customers can track hourly usage.  This helps to determine usage patterns and improve efficiency.


What brand of meters are you using? 

We are using Kamstrup for the water meters.  More information about Kamstrup can be found here.

We are using Sensus for the natural gas meters. More information about Sensus can be found here. *Sensus produces both natural gas and electric meters.  Both meters use the same frequency.

We are using Honeywell for the electric meters.


How will customers be notified of the meter changeout?

Our contractors, Utility Partners of America (UPA) and EGW Utilities, Inc. will be performing the meter changeouts during normal business hours and will be in marked vehicles. We may call your number listed on file or knock on your door prior to the meter changeout.  Please ensure your phone number is up to date by logging into your Customer Service Portal and choosing “notifications”.


 What should customers do during the meter changeout period?

Please save any documents on your computer and power it down.  The meter changeout will only take a few minutes so other appliances should be able to handle a brief electric outage.  Also please ensure that your meters are free from obstructions like trashcans, plants and other debris.


How will the water meter changeout be handled?

When we see the dial on the water meter rotating, we know that it is in use. Crews will not change out a meter that is currently in use. Once the new meter is installed you may notice air in your lines.  We recommend running cold water from the highest point in your home for about 5 minutes to release the air.


What happens during the meter changeout period?

Readings from your old meter and new meter are captured – much like when customers move in and out of homes or apartments.  You may see a smaller or larger bill for one month due to the billing cycle and when your meter was changed.


Will I have to pay a fee to have an advanced meter installed and will my bill be affected?

No.  There is no additional cost to the customer to install the new meter.


Can advanced meters detect how my energy is being used?

No. The advanced meters measure how much energy you use based on the time of day.  It does not measure how you use that energy. They cannot differentiate between energy used by the oven, air conditioner, microwave or dryer, for example.


What other changes are coming to Greer CPW?

In the next few months, customers will see a new Customer Service Portal design and our new Payment Processor – PayGo.  This online portal is how you will view your hourly utility usage, pay your bill and view reports about your usage.


Make sure your phone number is up to date! Occasionally we need to call customers for boil water advisories, planned power outages or gas leaks. Please log into your Customer Service Portal and choose the “notification” tab. This number must be able to answer calls and cannot be to a dial by directory.Learn More