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GREER – With electric vehicle usage growing nationwide, Greer CPW is doing its part to incentivize customers looking to go gasoline free.

“This is just the start of several green energy initiatives we are working on,” said Marc Regier, Greer CPW Operations Manager.

Greer CPW Commissioners recently approved an Electric Vehicle TOU (time of use) rate to accommodate the electric vehicle charging community. The rate has 3 time-based tiers – standard, on peak and off-peak energy.

“We are encouraging EV users to charge during off-peak hours from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m. to save the most money,” said Regier.

Currently, electric vehicle users who have charging equipment or plug-ins at home pay under the regular residential electric rates. This new EV time of use schedule will allow Greer CPW to gauge the interest of electric vehicle usage in the Upstate and prepare electrical equipment like transformers.

In addition to the new EV time of use schedule, Greer CPW is offering a $250 incentive to residentials customers who install a charger or plug in at home. The credit is available on a first come first served basis effective October 1st, 2022 pending meter inventory. An application to apply for the incentive can be found on Greer CPW’s website.

Customers will be required to show ownership/lease of an EV with a minimum battery size of 40kWh and only one credit will be available per residential meter/account.

Current EV users who already have an at home charger will be required to contact Greer CPW for an inspection and to be put on the new rate schedule starting October 1st.

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