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What is PayGo?

PayGo is the new customer service and billing software Greer CPW implemented in August 2021. It will allow Greer CPW departments to communicate better behind the scenes, but the PayGo program will also be our new customer service portal.


Why are we making these changes?

Greer CPW has used the same software system since the 1980s.  The system is outdated and will allow us to streamline our processes and provide a much better customer service experience.


What is Prepay?

Prepay is a feature of the billing software that allows Greer CPW residential customers to pay their bill as they go. Long gone are the days of waiting 28-30 days and the end of the billing cycle to learn the amount of your utility bill. In our new customer service portal, residential customers on Prepay can get an estimate of how many days the payment will last.


What are some advantages of participating in Prepay?

Residential customers can manage their account, stretch their energy dollar and pay at their own pace.  This feature is particularly helpful for customers with irregular pay schedules or income that is not always steady. Prepay is also a good budgeting tool and useful in roommate situations where multiple people can contribute.  There are no late fees and no due dates using Prepay.


What are some environmental impacts to using Prepay?

Customers can monitor and control their utility usage with Prepay.  By using less energy, you spend less money. Customers using Prepay will not receive a paper bill which saves the environment and printing costs.


What happens if I run out of funds and my service is disconnected?

The new customer service portal will allow you to receive notifications when you are several days from running out of funds or face disconnection.  If you are disconnected using Prepay, Greer CPW can reconnect you electronically within minutes.


How do I sign up for Prepay?

You must have electric or natural gas service with Greer CPW to sign up for Prepay. As of January 1, 2023 we are in the “limited enrollment” phase of Prepay.  We are currently accepting a limited number of interested customers to participate in the rollout of Prepay.   To sign up, please visit our website.  By signing the form, it does not guarantee participation in Prepay due to limited spots.  In the event you are not chosen to participate, we will keep your contact information for first right of refusal when we allow more customers to participate.


Will there be a disconnection fee if my service is turned off?

Yes. There may be a disconnection fee for water and natural gas because we have to dispatch a truck to your home in order to restore service.


Do I have to participate in Prepay?

No.  Prepay is an additional feature that may be convenient for some residential customers but not others.  We continue to accept the traditional methods of paying your bill.


What if I forget to pay the bill for a day?

We recommend setting up an auto reload using a credit or debit card.


Is there a minimum amount I must pay on Prepay?

Yes, the minimum account reload amount is initially set at $20.


Can I opt out of Prepay at any time?

Yes, you can opt out 1 time during a 12-month period unless your account is no longer eligible for post-pay billing.

Make sure your phone number is up to date! Occasionally we need to call customers for boil water advisories, planned power outages or gas leaks. Please log into your Customer Service Portal and choose the “notification” tab. This number must be able to answer calls and cannot be to a dial by directory.Learn More