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1/4/21 1:05 PM Update – The boil water advisory issued for this area is lifted.  It is safe to use your water as normal.


1/3/21 1:05 PM Update –  Lines have been flushed and water samples taken to the lab.  The 24 hour boil water advisory clock starts now.  Please continue boiling your water for one minute for the next 24 hours if you plan to use it for drinking or cooking.  Customers will receive a phone call tomorrow afternoon on whether the advisory can be lifted or not.


1/3/21 9:00 AM Update – Crews are pressurizing the lines now and customers will see water service return to their homes. Crews will need 2-3 hours to continue flushing the lines but now is the time to begin boiling any that comes out of your faucets if you plan to use it for eating or drinking. We suggest boiling the water for one minute.


Greer – 1/31/21 12:00 AM– Greer CPW water customers living in the South Suber and Brushy Creek Road area will experience low to no water pressure January 3rd as crews repair a broken water tap.  The damaged equipment will impact approximately 1,200 Greer CPW water customers with a boil water advisory once repairs are made.

Water crews plan to turn the water completely off to make repairs around 12:30 am Sunday January 3rd.  Repairs and flushing the line may take 10-12 hours to complete and then customers will need to boil their water for one minute before drinking or cooking for the next 24 hours.  This precautionary boil water advisory means the water may be contaminated and is not safe for consumption.

The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control requires water utilities to issue a boil water advisory when water pressure levels drop below 20 psi.  With the loss of pressure, there is a possibility for water to become contaminated with harmful bacteria.  More information about boil water advisories can be found:


Impacted roads include:

1 P Trail Branch Ct.

1249 S. Suber Rd.

1271 S Suber Rd.

1275 S. Suber Rd.

1201 S Suber Rd.

1149 S Suber Rd

1102 S Suber Rd.

941 S. Suber Rd.

936 S. Suber Rd.

934 S Suber Rd.

931 S. Suber Rd.

929 S. Suber Rd.

921 S Suber Rd.

909 S. Suber Rd.

907 S. Suber Rd.

903 S. Suber Rd.


3140 Brushy Creek Rd.

3135 Brushy Creek Rd.

3115G Brushy Creek Rd.

3115F Brushy Creek Rd.

3115E Brushy Creek Rd.

3115D Brushy Creek Rd.

3115C -1 Brushy Creek Rd.

3115B Brushy Creek Rd.

3115A Brushy Creek Rd.

3115 Brushy Creek Rd.

3111 Brushy Creek Rd.

3108 Brushy Creek Rd.

3107 Brushy Creek Rd.

3105 Brushy Creek Rd.

3104 Brushy Creek Rd.

3103 Brushy Creek Rd.

3101 Brushy Creek Rd.

3100 Brushy Creek Rd.

2938 Brushy Creek Rd.

2934 Brushy Creek Rd.

2930 Brushy Creek Rd.

2924 Brushy Creek Rd.

2916 Brushy Creek Rd.

2911 Brushy Creek Rd.

2910 Brushy Creek Rd.


26 Pickett Rd.


Ager Court

Alexander Road

Ambrose Trail

Belfast Court

Belmar Road

Belshire Drive

Benson Road

Bienville Place

Brunner Court

Carrollton Court

Cork Drive

Cotter Lane

Dauphine Way

Derry Lane

Elise Drive

Furwood Court

Galway Drive

Gassaway Court

Glen Willow Court

Holly Vista Drive

Intrepid Court

Keelin Lane

Killarney Lane

Kylemore Lane

Lamp Light Drive

Lismore Park Drive

Lovvorn Court

Marsmen Drive

Millervale Road

Moorlyn Lane

Moultrie Drive

Old Indian Trail

Parkwalk Drive

Picket Road

Pine Bark Drive

Princess Glen Drive

Sage Creek Way

Saucer Court

Sea Grit Court

Sea Isle Place

Spring Crossing Circle

Swade Way

Tralee Lane

Vauburen Court

Valley Glen Court

Waterfield Court

Watkins Circle

Werninger Court

Wilder Court

Woolridge Way

Xander Drive