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With temperatures at or below freezing, Greer residents are cranking up the heat and setting near electric usage records.

Tuesday January 2nd, 2018 between 7 AM and 8 AM the total system demand was 75,962 megawatt-hours, nearly beating the peak of 76,590 megawatt-hours set on January 7, 2014 during a previous cold winter freeze. With colder temperatures remaining through the weekend, we encourage customers to conserve energy and prepare for higher than normal electric bills in January.


– Turn off unnecessary lights and appliances

– Keep thermostat at comfortable temperature and avoid turning thermostat completely off to avoid pulling more energy

– Wear warm clothing inside your home instead of cranking up the heat

– Open curtains or blinds during the day to allow sunlight in

– After baking in the oven and after turning the oven off, crack the door to allow the warmth to heat your home

– If the power goes out, turn off appliances off so there is not a surge on the electric system when the power comes back on


– Dress in layers and avoid spending time outdoors

– Protect your exterior and interior plumbing by wrapping them with materials found at hardware or building supply stores

– Keep cabinet doors to sinks and pipes open to allow heat to reach the pipes

– Leave a slow drip from faucets in unheated areas to prevent pipes from freezing

– If your pipes do freeze, try thawing them with a hair dryer before calling a plumber

– Have an alternate heat source like a propane heater or generator in case the power goes out

– Keep space heaters away at least 3 feet away from flammable items


– Greer CPW works with Greer Relief to match donations up to $25,000 under the Caring People Working Together program. If you qualify, you could receive assistance paying your utility bill through Greer Relief. Greer Relief: 202 Victoria Street Greer, SC 29652 864-848-5356