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GREER – Greer CPW is currently upgrading its customer service and billing software to a program call PayGo.  The much-needed improvements will allow Greer CPW systems to communicate better with the various departments and provide a smoother customer service experience.  Some changes will happen seamlessly however others will require some steps for customers.

“These changes will be great for customers and how they do business with us.  It will allow customers to better understand their utility usage and will give them more options to pay their bill including managing their AutoPay,” said Angela Karcher, Greer CPW Finance Manager.

The first of many changes that customers will see is being able to manage AutoPay from their customer service portal starting in early August 2021.  These changes will add an additional layer of security for financial information and allow the customer to control which payment method is used each month.

Because of the changes, we need new or old customers interested in AutoPay to sign up by visiting the Greer CPW Account Center. Current customers on AutoPay will need to sign into their customer service portal and re-enter their bank account or credit card information.  Adhering to these updates will be important for customers currently on AutoPay as we want to ensure payments are not declined after switching credit card payment processors.

Future improvements to the customer service portal include a new billing statement design, changing the look for the portal and the ability to pay your bill while shopping at certain retail locations.