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Did you know it can be harmful to both homeowners and our pipes when you pour cooking grease down the drain?  Just think of a clogged artery when your body has too much plaque.  It's essentially the same thing!  That's why Greer CPW is handing out free grease cans to problem areas like Hammett Farms, Ashley Commons, Village Court, Chartwell Estates, Jessica Way and Maximus Drive.  Pouring grease down the drain can clog the pipes that take waste to the wastewater treatment plant. Wouldn’t you be sad if your sewer overflowed during a big summer get together? A simple solution to avoid a potentially big headache is to pour your used cooking grease into a leftover can or container. Once solidified, scoop the grease out and pitch it in your regular garbage. There are also reusable containers you can purchase online however if you are a Greer CPW sewer customer, we have a limited amount of grease dispensers at our office at a first come, first serve basis. Help us keep your treatment costs down by canning the grease! For more information on protecting your sewer, visit our website.