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Greer Commission of Public Works (CPW) natural gas customers should expect to see higher than normal utility bills for the month of February due to the colder temperatures in January. The average monthly temperature for January 2018 was 38.1 degrees, which is 4.1 degrees below normal according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

Greer CPW purchases gas from suppliers in the Gulf Coast and our gas is distributed through the Transcontinental Gas Pipeline Corporation. Due to the cold weather, market prices increased drastically during this time.

Greer CPW has a Purchase Gas Adjustment (PGA) in place to reflect the changing market prices for natural gas. Greer CPW passes wholesale natural gas costs to its customers with no markup. Customers will see the consumption charge on their bill fluctuate based on the PGA. Bills calculated February 1st through March 1st will see an increase in the PGA due to the market change. Greer CPW’s Base Charge and Consumption Charge have not changed. An example for a residential customer with 75 therms of usage is below:

                                                                                  January 2018                                 February 2018

Gas Base Charge                                                    $10.00                                              $10.00

Consumption Charge ($0.937 x 75)                    $70.28                                              $70.28

PGA (75 x PGA)                                                        $1.69                                                $15.72


January PGA = $0.02248 per therm

February PGA = $0.209653 per therm


Possible Questions Related to February 2018 PGA:
  • What is a Purchase Gas Adjustment (PGA)?

Greer CPW has a PGA in place to reflect the changing market prices that CPW has to pay for wholesale natural gas. This cost is a pass thru to our customers with no markup.

  • How does CPW determine what the PGA will be each month?

The PGA is calculated each month based on what Greer CPW had to pay for wholesale natural gas on the open markets for the previous month.

  • Are you raising the base gas charges in 2018?


  • How can I save money on my bill?

Tips to save money can be found on our website

  • I’m having trouble paying my utility bill on time, what should I do?

Greer CPW works with Greer Relief to match donations up to $25,000 under the Caring People Working Together program. If you qualify, you could receive assistance paying your utility bill through Greer Relief. Please call Greer Relief with questions. (864) 848-5356


According to NOAA, there were 22 days in January where the minimum temperature was 32 degrees or below. –

According to NOAA, there were 2 days in January where the maximum temperature was 32 degrees or below.